12 February 2018


Any time you’re riding long distances, you need something to keep you entertained. Sure, the ride in itself is worth it, but wouldn’t some music be nice after a few hours? With the Boom!™ Audio from Harley-Davidson®, that’s now possible on a motorcycle. It won’t shrink in the face of dense road noises like wind and passing traffic because it’s skillfully constructed components and carefully designed equalizing parameters make it superior to even the harshest racket. At Tucson HD®, our parts department sells and installs these amazing infotainment systems, so come on into our dealership to make your next ride more entertaining than ever! We’re in Tucson, AZ, where we serve riders from Green Valley and Tombstone.


Designed for the perfect balance of clarity and precision, the Boom!™ Audio infotainment system has enough power to beat any road noise. With refined components and expertly combined parts, your speakers work great with all Harley® models. And it’s not just convenient, but also reliable, as its plug-and-play design frees you from doing any wire splicing or other fixes. Along with that, the pre-matched electrical connectors make installation easier than ever before. Finally, because it’s so thoroughly tested and fine-tuned for your bike, the Boom!™ won’t spark those annoying Diagnostic Trouble Codes during a tune-up. These systems are dialed-in for uncompromising functionality and convenience.


In any environment, you can count on the Boom!™ Audio to deliver clear, crisp volume with its superior equalization radio program. This system uses equalizer parameters that adjust properly for the surrounding noise, making sure that the sound is never underpowered. If you’ve got the simple Stage I two-speaker setup, no problem. The bass is ramped up to make two speakers sound like a moving concert, and that higher frequency sings proudly with the assistance of such a powerful bass. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a rich sound across all frequencies, the Stage II Boom!™ Audio Infotainment system lowers the bass a touch to let every range carry through. Also, that Boom!™ EQ was built with booming IQ, so it even produces clean, precise sound from an un-amplified signal (like from radio, CD, or USB sources). Whichever setup you choose, the Boom!™ is strong, smart, and reliable enough to make your soundtrack clear no matter where you drive.


For your simpler yet perfectly effective setup, the Stage I system features two two-way speakers, which are single amplified with 75 watts per channel. They also come with a woofer and tweeter, which ensure the clarity of those high and low frequencies. These two components are powered with a 75-watt amplifier channel, backing your speakers’ performance with some extra substance that prevents any static or popping noises.


For a more robust sound system, the Stage II Boom!™ Audio setup is built for dominant volume across every register. The Stage II comes with four speakers, which are three-way, bi-amplified, and put out 150 watts per channel. Just like the stage I, it comes with the woofer and tweeter but also features an extra mid-range. Once you power those with the 75-watt amplifier channels and an extra amplifier channel, you’ll have a speaker system that’s built for a private concert on the road.

If you want to enjoy music while riding long-distance, you need a powerful infotainment system and the Boom!™ Audio is just that. With cleverly designed components and equalizers, this sound system will cut through all background noise, making riding a Harley-Davidson® that much more enjoyable. To get one of these installed on your ride, come on into Tucson HD®, serving the areas of Green Valley, Sierra Vista, and Tombstone, AZ.

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