12 February 2018


The Sportster is one of the most iconic motorcycles in the Harley-Davidson lineup, and that’s saying something considering the competition. A versatile, powerful, fun to ride bike, the Sportster was quickly seized upon by hot rodders and customizers everywhere. Under the hands of a skilled mechanic, these bikes translated well into old school choppers, dirt track bikes, scramblers, cafe racers. Today, that history of customization lives on. Harley-Davidson offers a wide variety of performance parts and upgrades so that you can make the bike of your dreams. Here at Tucson Harley-Davidson, we want to be a part of that process. Not only do we carry Sportsters, we can also help with factory customization and upgrade services. Located in Tucson, Arizona, we proudly serve Green Valley, Sierra Vista, and Tombstone, Arizona. Give us a call today!


Size is always a concern when you’re riding a new bike. You want the controls to be comfortably in reach, but you don’t want to get cramped up by being too big. Harley-Davidson offers upgrade parts to help you change the placement of your handlebars, seat, and footpegs on your new Sportster so that it’s perfect for your body type.

The Tallboy Handlebars extend up to adjust your riding position to more naturally fit tall bodies. They also work in conjunction with the Tallboy seat which gives you enough extra ride height to put your legs at a more comfortable angle relative to the ground and foot pedals. On the other end of the spectrum, the Super Reach set up brings everything in for more comfortable riding and increased control. The Super Reach handlebars are lower and narrower for more ergonomic riding. The Super Reach Solo Seat drops the riding position down for easier foot pedal access and more stable stands during traffic stops.


The Sportster can be adapted in many different ways to increase performance. In the past, mechanics and customizers might bore out the engine, rework the carburetors, and re-gear the transmission to get that extra boost of horsepower. Now we have the advantage of many different performance upgrades, some of the best of which come from the Screamin’ Eagle line. The Screamin’ Eagle Heavy Breather Performance Air Filter gulps up cold air to give the bike more powerful and efficient combustion cycles. A new exhaust from Screamin’ Eagle will fine tune that Harley-Davidson engine growl, too. You can also have the factory add a new throttle body and bore out your Milwaukee-Eight engine block so that you can make use of even more cylinder displacement.


If you want to take your new bike’s look to the next stage, there are many options available. You can mix and match parts and accessories from Harley-Davidson, or you could choose a look from one of the Sportster family of bikes. The Iron 883 has a tough, aggressive appeal that looks great tearing up the city streets, whereas the 1200 Custom has a more classic look that appeals to old-school gear heads. The SuperLow is a great bike for those who appreciate a manageable size but want a nostalgic look based on a teardrop gas tank, whitewall tires, and sculpted fenders. You can also upgrade just a few parts to match your particular style. If you’d prefer a more aggressive look, go for the Screamin’ Eagle Buckshot exhaust! The Sportster is basically a canvas for customization. If you have any imagination or enjoy making your bike match your personal aesthetic, you’ve found the right place to start. When it comes to customizing the Sportster, the options are limitless

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