12 February 2018


On Harley Davidson’s website, they are highlighting a promo of “9 bikes under 12 grand, all for 0 down”. Let’s be clear here, it is not really a promo but more of highlighting an already existing buyer option because theoretically, any bike can be had for 0 down if you have the credit.
Nevertheless, whether you are looking for a starter bike, or inexpensive second bike, these 9 bikes at Tucson Harley-Davidson are worthy of the promo.

1. Forty-Eight 

The bulldog style, pays tribute to its 1948 roots with a 2.1 tank, along with the unmistakable fat front and rear tires. It’s part of H-D’s Dark Custom line, so there is plenty of black to keep it looking sinister. Riding the Forty-Eight puts you in a low-slung seat, sitting atop the powerful 1200cc Evolution. Starting price $11,299.


2. Iron 883

This stripped-down sportster, brings a bare bones style with plenty of Dark Custom accessories to make it your own. The base for your custom motorcycle comes with a classic looking tuck and roll seat, fork gaiters, and tons of black. Starting price $8,949.

3. Roadster 

The new 1200cc Roadster is built for agility and speed. The aggressive riding style is achieved by lowering the handlebars, not quite as far as a café bike, but pretty close. Completing the garage racer look, is a chopped rear fender, side mount license bracket and two-up seat. Starting price $11,299.

4. 1200 Custom 

This iconic 1200cc Sportster can trace its roots back to the first sportster in 1957. A time where outlaw choppers ruled the streets.  Keeping with its heritage, there is plenty of chrome, spoke wheels, two-up seats, forward controls and a relax riding style. Starting price $10,999.


5. Superlow 1200T 

Sometimes you just don’t want to spend a ton to buy a top of line touring bike. You want a lightweight, agile bike like the days of old. Enter the Superlow 1200T. It is everything you love about the original Superlow but with the bigger 1200cc evolution motor, detachable windshield, and touring bags. Starting price $11,899.

6. Superlow 

This bike is built for the smaller rider because your vertical challenge shouldn’t keep you   from burning rubber like the rest. Throw a leg over the SuperLow, and find yourself closer to the pavement in your low-slung seat. The approachable 883cc evolution engine makes it a breeze for new riders as well as having plenty of low end torque to satisfy the veteran riders. Starting price $8,599.

7. Street 500 

Living in the city means the headaches that come with finding parking but not with Street 500. This bike was built for city streets, where light and nimble reign supreme.
And where bigger bikes over heat, the liquid-cooled Revolution X engine stays frosty. Starting price $6,849.


8. Street 750 

If it is good enough for Captain America (Winter soldier), then it’s good enough for you. Coupled with a bigger bore liquid-cooled Revolution X engine than the Street 500, you will find a café racer style headlight cowl, front gaiters, and 2 into 1 exhaust. Starting price $7,549.


9. Street Rod 

The Street Rod is a meaner version of the Street 750 with its new High-Output Revolution X engine that redlines at 9000 rpm. Some of the same features as the headlight cowl, mid-controls and blacked-out look is the same as the Street 750 but it differs with its more aggressive style like the racer style 2-up seat and drag bars. Starting price $8,699.

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