12 February 2018


When you’re ready to take your iconic Touring Harley-Davidson® motorcycle and turn it into a brutal street eating beast, then you’re ready for the new Milwaukee-Eight™ Engine from Harley-Davidson®. With more power, improved performance, and a classic Harley pedigree, the Milwaukee-Eight™ is your gateway to a thrilling ride and Tucson Harley®, in Tucson, AZ, is proud to be your home for all Harley engine upgrades!


The first Harley-Davidson® engines hit the streets in the early part of the 20th Century. These early motors were definitely less refined by modern standards but they were the first step towards the legacy of excellence that has made Harley-Davidson® a motorcycle legend. The first Knucklehead engines rolled out in 1936 and have been the foundation that all air-cooled Harley-Davidson® motors have been built on since. In 1965 Harley made a huge leap forward with the development of the first Shovelhead motor, which became the basis for the original Electra glide motorcycles. In the 1980s Harley-Davidson® launched the first Evolution engine, revolutionizing the industry with lighter weight, aluminum components. In 1999 the Twin-Cam engine roared onto the stage, delivering more torque than any previous Harley engine and now, the next big thing is the Harley-Davidson® Milwaukee-Eight™ engine.


The craft the ultimate touring bike, Harley-Davidson® put incredible effort into the development of the Milwaukee-Eight™ engine, creating a touring motorcycle with more power than any other bike on the road. The Milwaukee-Eight™ engine was made to replace the Twin-Cam engine, so that was the standard to beat. Both the Twin-Cam and Milwaukee-Eight™ engine weigh in at about the same, but the Milwaukee-Eight™ clocks in at 107 cubic inches and generates nearly 10% more power than the Twin-Cam. This means a superior power-to-weight ratio and up to 111 ft. lbs of torque. And if you ride with a passenger, be sure to check out the 217 CVO™ touring bikes, which come equipped with a boosted 114 cubic inch Milwaukee-Eight™ engine. Combine this with the Screamin’ Eagle® Stage III engine upgrade and you’ll have the most powerful V-Twin engine on the road, bringing your stock engine up to 117 cubic inches!


If you’re really looking for a satisfying touring bike, it’s more than just the power, you need a machine that will deliver peak performance over long hours. The Milwaukee-Eight™ engine carries a host of design features to make this the highest performing big V-Twin ever produced by Harley-Davidson®. A precision cooling system has been incorporated into the Milwaukee-Eight™ engine, which wicks heat away from the hottest areas of the engine, keeping your giant V-Twin cool and running smooth. Harley® has even included a counterbalance in the Milwaukee-Eight™ engine design to ensure you get the smoothest ride possible. And every 2017 touring motorcycle engine has been mounted with rubber mounts.

No other engine has the Harley-Davidson® history, the precision performance, the unmatched power of the Milwaukee-Eight™ engine. Do yourself a favor and upgrade your touring bike or pick up a 2017 Touring Harley-Davidson® motorcycle and experience the difference for yourself. Tucson Harley® is your home for all Harley® engine and suspension upgrades, be sure to visit our dealership near Tombstone and Sierra Vista, Arizona!

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