All New LiveWire

16 January 2019

All New LiveWire

The Harley-Davidson LiveWire is coming August 2019, starting at $29,799! The loudest sound you hear will be your heart racing! From the muscular shape of the motor to its aggressive stance, LiveWire™ delivers the iconic look you expect from a Harley‑Davidson® motorcycle.

The lightweight cast aluminum frame is extremely rigid, and contributes to the precise, responsive handling that makes the LiveWire a motorcycle thrill to ride. The high-performance SHOWA front and rear suspension is fully adjustable so you can dial in comfort and handling with precision for your own riding style. Get instantaneous power the moment you twist the throttle going 0 to 60 in under 3.5 seconds! No gears to run through, all you do is flick your wrist and take off! The permanent magnetic electric motor can produce 100% of its rated torque instantly – it’s the reason for LiveWire’s incredible acceleration. It’s located below the battery to lower the center of gravity for easier handling. The LiveWire motorcycle features a high voltage battery that produces incredible acceleration. It means plenty of range and torque on tap for unlocking the city with an estimated 110 mile range! 

You will have two easy ways to charge your bikes battery, either use the onboard Level 1 charger and power cord to connect to any standard household outlet and get a full charge overnight. Or for a faster charge visit any public level 3 DC Fast Charge station. It will also feature a state of the art touchscreen display to keep you constantly up to date on your speed, range and battery status. Customize it even more with information like music, turn-by-turn navigation, alert information and more. You do not want to miss out on taking this bike for a ride!

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